Brian Krzanich’s article paid sneak edits by Beutler Ink horribly backfires

Wikipedia admin Drmies caught red handed demanding bribes from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich for Wikipedia edits, complainant blocked by him

Drmies caught demanding bribes from Intel for Wikipedia edits

“Corrupt” Wiki admin Drmies

Wikipedia Arbcom member Dr. Michel Aaij (“Drmies”) has been caught repeatedly demanding cuts from shady Wiki-PR agency Beutler Ink for sneak edits to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s Wikipedia article. Drmies got so incensed by the unimpeachable diffs provided that he got the complainant’s IP blocked.

The AM I INTEL review : Why does an “intel”ligent engineer like Brian Krzanich employ a paid editing asshole like William Beutler ?

William Beutler compelled to ANI in Brian Krzanich paid editing rip-off

Wikipedia (a US website controlled by homosexuals)

Paid editor William Beutler has been finally compelled to take his case to ANI to get those pesky IPs from India (??) blocked after the last IP played the “breach of [[WP:PAIDATTRIBUTE]]” gambit. Beutler’s SEO paid mules (The last mule is a cashed out US Army Major who now works for a CIA contractor at a desk out of Virgina) somehow neglected to mention that WWB_Too is a paid editor in their edit summaries while inserting his drafts.

Beutler also claims that one (or all) of the IPs is the Arbcom blocked user Inlinetext who exposed the Vipul declared paid editing sockfarm. He claims to be a retd. Lt. Col. in JAG and now also “volunteers with NGOs working against corruption of Indian children by foreign homosexual pedophiles using Wikipedia (a US website controlled by homosexuals).


William Beutler’s manipulative covert practices for Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

An example of this Wikipedia PR is the editor WWB Too a declared paid editor with a long history of the manipulative covert practices Dennis describes. The latest instance is at Brian Krzanich. Please compare my version, last good version per another editor after my version, and current Intel version forcefully inserted by User:Drmies. Everything manipulative which Dennis Brown describes is encapsulated here, and why IMHO PR agencies like Beutler Ink should be banned from editing Wikipedia because they cheapen the work of volunteer editors who want accurate factual content. Incidentally, this content dispute was raised by Beutler Ink at ANI. It seems all it needs for a PR agency like Beutler Ink to ply their trade here is one corrupt admin/arbitrator who takes his cut via a Paypal account diff, diff. (talk) 01:27, 23 October 2017 (UTC)


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